Advertising on

Ah, the scourge of the Internet!

But, seriously, if you want to advertise here, I want to know about it. You can contact me at

As you can see, I'm playing with generic AdSense and Amazon advertisements around the edges.

My long-term intent is to integrate relatively non-intrusive, dynamic advertisements into the site that reflect the wishhhes of the browsing user or the wishhhes of the user's friend or family member whose wishhhlist they are looking at. As of November 2008, I have not found a suitable advertising service accessible to small sites like this one, that can dynamically generate context-sensitive advertisements from wishhh-based keywords.

My inspiration for this idea is the advertising model used on On that service ads are dynamically generated and displayed based on user-selected 'hotlists'. users select products and services (their 'hotlists') that they are fans of as a way of being connected with other like-minded users. The site generates customized advertisements based off the user's hotlists selections. Since, by definition, each user identifies the products and services they are fond of (wishhh for) there should be some way that I can provide context sensitive advertisements based on relevant wishhhes.

Rest assured that if/when I realize this ad-customization objective, will implement it in such away so as not to disclose any personally identifying information about its users to advertisers. As a technology lawyer, I take my users' privacy very seriously. See the privacy for more details.