Privacy & Other Policies

Except as described below, your personally identifying information will not be disclosed or visible to third parties.

  • Members of Your Groups: The personal information you place into is visible to the members of the groups that you choose to participate in (typically your friends and family).
  • Friend Finder: Your name, picture, city, region or country (but never a street address), may show up on the results page, when users use the anticipated "Find Friend" search feature. A typical use for that feature will be, for example, if a member knows their friend is also a member and that person wishhhes to invite that friend into a group that they administer. Or a member may ask to become a member of a group their friend administers. Such users would (once that feature is complete) be able to search for and find their friend to invite into their group or vice-versa. Note: You will be able to mark your account as private so that it will not appear in Friend Finder if you so choose.
  • Group Finder: Group Finder is also not yet implemented. A member would search for a group they wish to be a part of. The administrator of that group would receive the participation request and decide whether to 'admit' that person into their group. The group's name, group description, the group city, region or country (but never the street address) and the group administrator's name may show up on the results page when users seach for a Group. Note: Admins may mark their groups as 'private' groups. Private groups will not show up in 'Group Finder' search results.

[ver: 12.08.10]