Terms of Use

Hey, I'm a lawyer, expect a "Terms of Service " page containing lengthy paragraphs, in really fine print, that you'll likely never read, and never understand, to show up here sooner than later.

In the mean time, as a condition of your continued use of wishhh.com, you agree:

  • not to sue Dale Dietrich for any reason whatsoever pertaining to wishhh.com;
  • to indemnify Dale Dietrich and hold him harmless (make him whole) in the event he is sued for actions taken by you on wishhh.com (including with respect to anything you do, post or upload to wishhh.com); and
  • to be bound by the formalized terms of service agreement, privacy and other policies once they become available and are linked into this site - and successors thereto from time to time.

The terms of service, privacy and other policies, as updated from time to time, will always be available by clicking on the 'terms', 'privacy' or similar links found at the bottom of every wishhh.com page.

That otta do it for now! :)

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